Advertising Technical Specifications

Sizes and Dimensions (mm)

Type Area (W x H)

Trim Area (W x H)

Bleed Area (W x H)

Quarter Page*

73 x 102



Half Page – (Vertical)*

73 x 212



Half Page – (Horizontal)*

154 x 102



Full Page**

154 x 212

170 x 228

176 x 234


*Quarter and half page adverts should either have a border or a background colour other than white to differentiate the advert from the white page it is printed on. The border must be within the type area of the advert. Otherwise a 0.5 Point black border will be added by the magazine.

**Full page and Double Page Spread adverts should include standard trim marks at least 3mm outside trim.

Digital Artwork - Our preferred file format for advertising is PDF file format.

• The number of pages in a PDF file must be one.
• 100% size (See Advert Sizes above)
• Include standard trim and registration marks 3mm outside trim.
• All fonts must be embedded
• All PDF files must be pre-flight checked prior to submission.
• All high-resolution images must be embedded.
•  Images should be CMYK (TIF, EPS or JPEG) with a resolution between 300 and 450dpi.
•  If using JPEG compression please ensure that the highest quality setting is used.
•  Four colour CMYK files only. No spot colours.
•  All fonts must be embedded

We wish to avoid having to resize incorrectly supplied adverts, as this can distort the content and may lower the resolution of images within the advert. We also strongly recommend that text is not supplied in Bitmap (i.e. JPEG, TIF) format as this will look poor quality when printed.

Please note, we cannot accept native file formats for Quark XPress, InDesign, Illustartor, Word, PowerPoint or any other graphics creation software.

Adverts supplied as image files (JPEG, TIF, BMP, PSD) are provided at the advertisers risk, as we cannot identify the original resolution of the contents of the file. 300 DPI is the minimum recommended, but this does not guarantee satisfactory results, especially for text.


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