ANLP Ambassador for Hong Kong and China

Alex Cheung

Alex Cheung

ANLP Member Dr. Alex Cheung is a man with a mission: he and his colleagues are in the vanguard of the meteoric rise of NLP in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan.

With a professional background in engineering, Alex’s passion for NLP is firmly based on its practical applications.  ‘Not only did NLP bring me tremendous benefits in terms of my own health, work and relationships,’ he says: ‘I could see how those benefits could spread beyond me to my family and community.’  And, as friends noticed the changes happening in Alex’s life and encouraged him to start teaching, he embarked on further training around the world, including time at NLP University in Santa Cruz, and a career change was the next step.

When Alex began offering training in Hong Kong just nine years ago, NLP was already available but was maintaining a relatively low profile. ‘It was primarily perceived as being for individuals interested in the spiritual or therapeutic applications.  Classes were small, and the standard of trainings available was rather uneven.’

Since then that early spark has blazed into flames.  Whereas nine years ago a class might attract 10 people, classes and courses are now attracting up to 100 students.  Reaching out mainly to the corporate world.  Students include business people and professionals such as doctors, solicitors and government officials eager not only to learn NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner skills, but also to apply them in areas such as business management, coaching, leadership, sales and mediation.  Several universities are also offering NLP courses further enhancing the image of NLP in the public perception.

In 2002, Alex had offered the First NLP Practitioner Programme in China,.  One of his students of the first class has successfully established the China NLP Academy – which is currently the largest NLP provider in China.  Alex & his team had offered the First Trainer Training in China 2008 and the next one will be in March this year.

Alex is optimistic about future prospects in NLP growing.  He’s delighted that the UK’s Middlesex University has launched an MA degree course Work-Based Learning, including NLP in training and coaching, in Hong Kong 3 years ago.  And, as ANLP’s contact for Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, Alex is also keen to ensure that ANLP will play a part in helping to promote high training and ethical standards in the rapidly growing world of NLP in Asia.


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