ANLP Ambassador for New Zealand

Suzanne Henwood

Suzanne Henwood

As an Ambassador for ANLP in New Zealand I have been able to make connections between not only the UK and New Zealand, but across several countries and the connections and harmony from that are ongoing.  NLP has a good presence here in New Zealand and is represented by the NZANLP, now in touch with ANLP and who knows what other connections will come in the future.  I am proud to represent ANLP here, to show and share the amazing work done by the team, especially Karen, in setting standards and offering high quality, independent advice and support to practitioners, trainers and the public.  I hope in the future for even closer relationships between the body and a greater presence for ANLP here in the antipodes.

I am an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social and Health Sciences at Unitec, in Auckland, New Zealand.  Originally from the UK, and with a health care background, I developed NLP practice for health care practitioners to enable them in turn to develop expert practice, particularly in the fields of leadership and communication (I published some of this work in NLP and Coaching for Health Care Professionals: Developing Expert Practice in 2007). 

As a founding member of the NLP Research Conference Committee and an editorial board member of the Research in NLP journal, I continue to seek to push forward the boundaries and particularly the evidence base of NLP practice.    I have a long background in academia, with expertise in clinical competency assessment and teaching skills assessment in higher education.  I have also worked as an overseas assessor for the Health Professions Council in the UK assessing health care staff who wish to transfer their registration to practice to a UK context. 

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