ANLP Ambassador for Spain

Paul Jarvis


ANLP Trainer member Paul Jarvis is known in business training circles for his pragmatic approach to the learning and using of NLP. This may be due to his 25+ years in the highly competitive IT industry or it may be just due to the need in business to get the desired result.

Getting results was what initially stimulated Paul´s interest in NLP:

“I work all over the world so in my professional life I´ve been fortunate to work with many people and many types of person, and some years ago I started to notice two common themes. The first is that however much a person knows about his job there is a hidden factor that differentiates the super successful from the mediocre. The second common theme is that the more successful someone becomes in their job the harder it usually is for them to maintain a positive balance with the demands in the rest of their lives… such as home, family, and personal fulfillment. It was these two factors that got me interested in NLP …. how to be super successful in business and at the same time create a happy balance for yourself and others in the other equally important areas of personal life.”

Paul is the founder of NLP Discovery Clubs™ and is working with us at ANLP to support and promote the independent voice of NLP in Spain and Switzerland where he divides most of his time.


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