ANLP Complaints Process

Complaints Procedure Summary

In the event of a complaint being raised about a member of ANLP, the following procedure will be initiated:

1.    In the first instance, the complaint will be informally reviewed and the complainant will be given the opportunity to seek either an informal solution via mediation, or to make a formal complaint.

2.    If the formal route is chosen, the complainant will be given a copy of the ANLP Code of Ethics, and the ANLP Trainer’s Code of Ethics (if appropriate).

3.    The complainant will be asked to formally submit their complaint in writing , and including reference to the specific points in the Codes of Ethics that they feel have not been adhered to.

4.    Once a formal complaint is received, one member of the independent Accreditation Committee will be appointed as Chief Adjudicator for the complaint. A total of up to 3 further members of the Accreditation Committee will be appointed as the Complaints Panel. Where there is a conflict of interest between the Complainant, the Defendant, and any member of the Accreditation Committee this will be declared. In the event of the Chief Adjudicator being unable to appoint 3 members of the Complaints Panel, further appointments may be made from the wider membership.

5.    The Chief Adjudicator will take appropriate steps to gather evidence and reports from all parties involved.

6.    Once this has been done, the Chief Adjudicator will then correlate all information and prepare a report for the Accreditation Committee who will make the relevant decision and whose decision is final.

At all stages of the procedure, ANLP will encourage and support any appropriate action to resolve the dispute, and the Chief Adjudicator or another representative of ANLP may be prepared to act as a Mediator, in order to resolve the complaint.

All members of ANLP fall within the boundaries of the impartial and independant ANLP complaints procedure. If you feel you have grounds for a complaint, please contact ANLP for further guidance.

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