Questions relating to ANLP and potential membership

03. Why do you want copies of my certificates and testimonials?

The short answer is because we want to continue protecting the reputation of NLP and ANLP (and therefore your reputation) by carrying out basic membership checks.

We understand some people’s resistance to providing information in support of their membership application and what is seen as an added burden to their already busy lives. So it seems appropriate to explain the thinking and long term planning behind this requirement.

As we are sure you are aware the Government and in fact the European Parliament are currently in the process of regulating the ‘helping professions’ and to this end there is a current white paper that has already suggested the reservation of certain words such as psychologist and psychotherapy to be used only by registered, qualified and approved people such registration to be carried out by a government agency. It will only be a matter of time before the world of NLP will also come under government scrutiny.

At ANLP, we believe that if we have an accrediting and well developed organisation in place that is seen to be fair and consistent in its approach to the registering of members then such an organisation will be acceptable to any future government authority in regards to the regulating of NLP. Our approach has been developed in consultation with leading trainers and the insurance industry. Insurance companies are already beginning to look more carefully at NLP qualifications and membership of an ANLP is currently an acceptable qualification for a number of them, because we have some basic checks in place.

So you will see that we are future pacing ANLP to be the lead organisation of NLP in Europe. We are already in advance stages of discussions with many other European countries and organisations to make sure that we are in fact not only fair to all but seen to be fair to all.

When members names appear on our members list both on the internet and sent to people enquiring about trainers, the public can be assured that all our members are genuine and above reproach. Further all our members, at all levels, are bound by a code of ethics and an established complaints procedure is in place that protects not only the public but members from all and any frivolous actions.

Many of the current `chartered institutions` and professional bodies such as the British Medical Association, started as private organisations that set standards and procedures, and succeeded in their aim to bring reassurance to the public and maintain professionalism within their industry. Our policies are in place to protect both you and the public, as well as the reputation of NLP as a whole.

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