Questions relating to ANLP and potential membership

04. Tell me more about testimonials

Testimonials are required for certain membership levels. The reason ANLP asks for testimonials is for additional verification that you are delivering a great service to your clients. After all, you look to ANLP to uphold the Professional reputation of NLP based on standards and ethics, so we need your support in maintaining that reputation.

What sort of Testimonials do I need?

Testimonials do not need to be especially obtained for ANLP, nor do they need to specifically mention NLP techniques or experiences. All we require are copies of existing:

  • letters, cards, thank you notes or emails from satisfied and grateful clients
  • feedback forms from workshops / training courses / corporate workshops
  • quotes from supervisors, mentors or colleagues

Some of you will already have these listed in your promotional literature or on your own website! These testimonials are for our records only, so if there are any concerns about confidentiality, please cross out or delete names.

 What if I don`t have any Testimonials?

 Sometimes, the nature of your work prevents you from collecting testimonials. If you do not have any testimonials, the a reference from your supervisor, mentor, colleague or trainer will be acceptable.

We are very proud of our own Testimonials - See our examples

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