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ANLP are proud to welcome you to ANLP (New Zealand).

Your ANLP (NZ) membership will give you access to the ANLP networks and the opportunity to be profiled on the ANLP website as a practitioner.  As a member you also have access to discounted insurance in NZ through a special package we have negotiated with Massage New Zealand and Marsh Insurance.  You will have electronic access to all the ANLP publications, which will keep you in touch with latest news, research and developments in the NLP world and we are looking at how we can provide an exclusive New Zealand section of the website to promote activities here.
You can select from a range of membership levels, from Associate members, through to Trainer members, with a variety of different benefits and a great new opportunity for those training in the new field of mBrianing, to obtain ANLP (NZ) membership if you do your mBIT training with an NLP trainer, which also gives you access to the insurance packages and an introduction to the wider world of NLP.

Our New Zealand Ambassador, and ANLP (NZ) representative, says

"Hello. My name is Suzanne Henwood and I am a UK trained NLP Trainer, who now lives in New Zealand.  I am passionate about supporting NLP and love the flexible and professional approach of ANLP to support its members and to ensure professional practice.  I have worked closely with ANLP for several years now, particularly in the field of research and I edit the Research Journal published by ANLP and the series of papers on developing research skills which are published in Rapport magazine.  I also organise and chair the papers for the NLP Research Conference, a conference which runs every two years.
Since being in New Zealand, I have spoken to several New Zealand and globally trained NLP Professionals who are looking to establish or maintain local and global networks in their NLP practice.  NLP Professionals work in a vast array of contexts, from therapeutic coaching, to business, healthcare, education and personal development (to name a few) and I am hearing that there is a need for a flexible and inclusive approach to supporting NLP Practice and ensuring standards on a world stage.
As such, in 2013 I worked with Karen Moxom from ANLP, in my role as the New Zealand Ambassador for ANLP to open up membership to New Zealand practitioners. and to offer a local presence, while maintaining all the amazing benefits of full ANLP membership.  We think we have come up with a great package, which seems to meet what people are asking for, and of course we are happy to see it grow and evolve over time as more people sign up and bring their own suggestions.
We look forward to you signing up and working alongside us to build a NZ community for ANLP."

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