ANLP was delighted to welcome L Michael Hall as one of the keynote speakers at the recent NLP Research conference.

Michael is the author of 41 books and has worked in this field for 25 years.  He was therefore confidently able to tackle the controversial area of empirical evidence and NLP. 

In his keynote speech, Michael suggested  that quantitative  research is not sufficiently sophisticated to illustrate the positive  outcomes of NLP. To illustrate this simply, he used the example of his flight from the States:  by just  talking about the length of the flight or the number of children on board  he would not be able to convey whether or not he had had a good journey.  It would be the opinion he expressed which would do this.

Qualitative Research Adds Meaning

This is not to suggest that quantitative research is not required, but that it is qualitative research which provides  meaning to those  results.  Qualitative research which maps spectrums and meanings will add value to the quantitative research.  Qualitative research adds value to the statistical; and the two are inextricably linked.

It is a mark of the maturity of NLP that we can now talk frankly about NLP and research and articulate expectations about the form that research should take .Greater quantitative research is necessary, however it is only truly insightful when qualitative meaning is assigned.

If you would like to learn more about Research in NLP, look out for the special features in the next edition of Rapport.   Additionally, The Current Research in NLP Journal can be purchased from the ANLP shop with a special 10% discount for ANLP members. 


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