Misconceptions about ANLP

Thursday 7th November 2013

Misconceptions about ANLP

I have spent 8 years listening to other people telling me what I do in the NLP community…what my position is, what I represent and all manner of things they perceive about me personally and ANLP… and sometimes I wonder what they base their opinions on?

Luckily, I am very clear about my position in the NLP community and it is not one where I perceive myself to be at the top of the tree, regulating and controlling everyone else.

Indeed, it is just the opposite…when I imagine an inverted triangle, then I see ANLP as being at the bottom of the triangle – there to provide a support structure for NLP Professionals, so that they, in turn, can go out and make a bigger difference to their clients, who are the most important people residing at the top of this inverted triangle.

My intention, and the intention of ANLP, has always been to provide this supportive structure, as a Professional Body for the NLP community, to enable the NLP Professionals and Trainers to more easily do their job of making a difference in society….that is all.

The whole ethos of NLP is about flexibility, and if there are things we can provide, which support this flexibility AND help meet the public (your potential clients and students) in their map of the world ie one which asks for a safety net, a code of ethics, greater academic recognition for NLP, more research into NLP, then we are doing our job…and that is good enough for me.

And if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, then just get in touch with me via the Members address! I cannot always promise to answer straight away, as supporting our members is my priority…and I will always answer you – I have nothing to hide.

For more information about ANLP's history, ethos, values, mission, vision, aims and community interest statement (which was approved by the CIC regulator), just follow the links.

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