Reviews for Brilliant NLP: What the Most Successful People Know, Do and Say

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Brilliant NLP: What the Most Successful People Know, Do and Say

Author: David Molden

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'Brilliant NLP', delivers the goods with clarity a...

'Brilliant NLP', delivers the goods with clarity and brevity for the curious browser or prospective student. Nasty flashbacks to when I was shuffling around with my first stabs at studying NLP. 'Crikey…so may long words, alien-phrases and egg-head poor nut was fit to explode! This novice-friendly book would have been a welcome introduction to the subject. I have this rude habit of dipping into books and this seems to pass the dipping test quite well. I like my, 'Help me…I’m an idiot!', books to be concise, to the point and smooth-reading. David Molden and Pat Hutchinson have fulfilled those criteria. They explain an idea and illustrate it with a few brief examples. No over-egging the pudding or proving how learned they are. I could be generalizing wildly, but this falls neatly into what I imagine is the British school of self-improvement publications, understated in tone. If you have a yen for the loud n' shouty approach, save your 12.99. Molden and Hutchinson have an easily digestible, casual, light writing style. A few well-placed cartoons and illustrations break up the text nicely. Like all good-puddings, this book leaves you wanting more. Sandra Dunkley

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