Hopeless to Hopeful

Jana Smandrova was nominated for the 2017 NLP Awards. She holds one belief - everyone should have the skills of personal development coaching and NLP.

Hopeless to Hopeful

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Jana Smandrova was nominated for the 2017 NLP Awards, in the category NLP - Making a Difference.

Jana writes:

I hold one belief - everyone should have the skills of personal development coaching and NLP.

Ever since my parents’ divorce, I internalised all the negative feelings. I turned to drugs, running away from home and even made several suicide attempts. I lost confidence in myself and in others. The world around me became a very hostile place.

When I was 17, my mom passed away, which was another blow. It was hard enough to deal with her passing, but on top of that I was moved from family member to family member until I completed my college. Even now, I still don’t know how I have done it - all I remember was hoping my life will be short enough. This was how I spent next 5 years.

Then my partner suggested I read Paul McKenna’s book "Instant Confidence". Word by word, the power was returning to me. I did not have to live this way. I could change my thoughts. I can choose what to believe. All the setbacks could be used for something good. I started to see the light. I felt a change. I felt hopeful and empowered. I knew this was something worth pursuing.

I trained as personal performance coach, NLP practitioner and finally NLP Master Practitioner. I’ve learnt how to enjoy life again.

In October 2016, I received the news that my father has passed away - he committed suicide. This was turning point for me. This is when I realised my NLP knowledge was all worth it. I was able to focus on the good times we had, the good results he created in his life and I made a conscious choice to help people who have lost all their hope. I choose to do this because there is beauty in every life as long as people are equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

I know what a difference NLP makes in life from my own experience. It has given me strength and provided me with the right tools to deal what has come my way.

Using NLP skills I have moved from lost teenager who hoped to die young to an optimist who hopes to live a long and productive life.

Jana Smandrova
Jana Smandrova