4-Day Coaching with NLP Diploma Dawlish, Devon 11/12 Sept & 2/3 Oct 2020

11th - 12th September 2020

Dawlish, Devon, UK

4-Day Coaching Certificate



11/12 Sept and 2/3 Oct 2020

All days are Friday/Saturdays.


TIMES: 10am to 5:30pm each day


This experiential and active 4-day coaching certificate is where your journey to become a coach starts. Here you will discover the key principles of coaching, start to practice your new skills and getting the feedback to improve your skills.


Although it's a 4-day coaching certificate - it is split across two separate weekends (several weeks apart) so you can build your skills and practice in the “real world” before returning to hone them again in weekend 2 gets you practicing your new skills and prepares you to start coaching clients outside of the training room.


Foundations, and NLP coaching – Laying the Foundations – Days 1 & 2




  • Introductions – programme, programme leaders, fellow participants
  • Clarity and expectations of being a coach
  • Building effective relationships to support the coaching process and your client’s outcomes
  • Deeper understanding of you – personality, behaviours, strengths
  • Qualities and characteristics that support a great coaching
  • Presuppositions of coaching
  • The art of effective questioning
  • Active and empathetic listening skills
  • Learn and practice the GROW model
  • Self-management – managing emotions, mindset, energy and attention
  • Language – the importance of language with clients and with our selves
  • Goal setting, understanding goals and trajectories
  • Life coaching, performance coaching and adopting a coaching approach when managing others




Core Coaching Training Module 2 – Coaching using NLP – Days 2 & 3


  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles to support you and your client in getting meaningful and long-term results
  • Cognitive bias – understanding how we create our reality
  • Well-formed issues and outcomes
  • State management – to support you and your clients
  • Supporting habit and behaviour change
  • The power of reframing and perspective change
  • Identifying and exploring your client’s values and beliefs
  • The power of language
  • Coaching tools – why, when and how to use them for great results
  • Perceptual positions and emotion-free coaching
  • Visualisation and the unconscious mind
  • What next? How to move ahead as a coach.


Throughout the 4-day programme you will have access to open communication, sharing of learning progress, stories, insights and articles with your fellow students and tutors. As the learning between the modules is even more important, the practical, hands on coaching experience and reflection is where the magic happens. Time between modules is built in to allow deeper research, reflection, practice and as well as the important client coaching to take place.


Course structure


This is a face-to-face, in-person course, taught by senior coach trainers. Because it is intensive, no more than 16 people will be on the course. You will be working with other delegates and sharing experiences and activities together to hone your skills


This is NOT a role-playing environment, and all activities will be around actual experiences. Please be your authentic self at all times.




  • Course manual
  • Course handouts - including comprehensive coaching tools and resources
  • Membership of online forum to boost your coaching skills with peer-support
  • Teas/coffees/refreshments at morning and afternoon breaks (lunch will be at your own arrangement)




TIME: You will be expected to attend in person for all four days of the programme.


ATTITUDE: This course is experiential and engaging, and you will be expected to bring your full authentic attention into the room at all times, and to participate in activities.


You may be working with people with different backgrounds. The coach attitude is non-judgemental and you will be expected to treat everyone with respect.


FINANCIAL: Investment for this 4-day certificate course is £475 with early bird discount available. (£425/£395)




Event information

  • Starts September 11th 2020
  • Ends September 12th 2020
  • Dawlish, Devon, UK