Excellence in Teaching with NLP

Understand the concepts of NLP, to enable you to use the techniques to improve your own lives and those of your learners.

7th - 8th March 2020

Luton, Bedfordshire

Do you wish you could engage your learners more easily?

Do you wish you could complete a lesson with less challenging behaviours in the classroom?

Would you like more ways to motivate your learners and build resilience in yourself and others?

Wouldn’t it be great to be have a resilient and fully engaged class? To deliver your lesson in the way you always dreamed you could? And to support your learners to achieve and succeed?


… and why we created this programme: to better enable you to deliver your lessons to an engaged and resilient class, achieve your goals of motivated learners and engaged with a strong sense of wellbeing.

NLP and performance psychology is well established and evidenced within the sports world and it is now being more widely used within business and education with great success.

With 20 years teaching experience, we have designed this programme to share practical tools and insights with you:

  • to focus on your own wellbeing as well as,

  • to provide skills and tools to share with learners.

  • Happy teachers, happy class, happy outcomes.

The training will be experiential in nature; you will learn the history, background, theory and models/tools, with examples of how they can be used to achieve your learning goals.

By understanding the concepts of NLP, you will be able to use the techniques to improve your own lives, and those of your learners to enhance the teaching and learning experience in the life-long learning sector.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to NLP.

  • Mind-body connection.

  • How to live ‘at cause’ to reduce stress and build resilience.

  • Meta Programs and the structure of personality (to build confidence).

  • NLP Communication Model, the presuppositions and tools of good communication, including: pacing, leading, rapport, clean language etc.

  • How to have better relationships.

  • Managing emotions more effectively.

You will experience first-hand how to apply the skills through demonstrations, have the opportunity to practise the tools within the training and to discuss how to apply them in the classroom.

Part one of the training focuses on how you can use NLP to enhance your teaching style, whilst supporting your own well-being and maximizing the learning environment for your learners.

Part two of the training focuses on the tools for you to use and share with your learners as part of PSHE, essential to their mental health, well-being and resilience.


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Event information

  • Starts March 7th 2020
  • Ends March 8th 2020
  • HO11, Luton Campus, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU13JU, United Kingdom