Getting Your Goals Every Time

Values, Alignment, Well-formed outcomes. In this workshop discover how NLP tools and techniques can greatly increase your successful outcomes so that you get your goals.

11th March 2020


Have you started the year with great intentions only to find nothings changed?

Looking for ways to keep you motivated?

Do you know what you don't want more clearly than what you do?

Do you have a dream that is so big you feel overwhelmed before you've started?

Do you know exactly where you want to go but are unsure how to get there?

Come along to this (free) workshop to discover how to make your goals compelling and achievable so that you are motivated to achieve them every time.

Event information

  • Starts March 11th 2020
  • Ends March 11th 2020
  • Hpod, Cumberland Market, London, NW1, United Kingdom