INLPTA NLP Master Practitioner module 5 (of 6)

This INLPTA Master Practitioner course has a strong focus on modelling, deemed to be the skill that differentiates between mere 'technicians' and true NLP 'strategists'.

21st - 23rd January 2022

Mastery is far more than simply the chance to practice using your NLP skills and to learn a whole new level of powerful and advanced techniques, although you will be coached and supported to do both on your INLPTA Master Practitioner training.  Mastery is defined as ‘transcending competence’ - the state of excelling or surpassing, going beyond usual limits. 

Our modular Master Practitioner course is designed for individuals who want to take their NLP Practitioner competence and progress it to mastery.  The course is ideal for you if you seek to develop personally and to hone your professional skills working with others in arrange of contexts.  Reb Veale is an INLPTA Master Trainer and runs this course every two years.

In the rich environment of experienced and supportive trainers and peers, you will discover and break through former thresholds and achieve subtle and powerful change in yourselves and with others.  Whether you aim to utilize your success in your work, your relationships or to help others; the rewards and opportunities are endless.

NLP processes and strategies have developed as a result of discovering how experts or excellent leaders do what they do so well; it is then possible to teach these skills to others.  Modelling skills, based on detailed observations and careful questions around beliefs and values, are the key to competence in NLP. Learning the specific components of how others do something well will provide you with new options and accelerate your learning.

With Reveal Solutions, your Master Practitioner course will have a strong focus on modelling.  From assisting you to choose a meaningful modelling project, coaching you to develop it throughout the course and all the way to successfully presenting a substantive and original model capable of transferring excellence to others; you will undoubtedly surprise and surpass yourself.  This skill will mark you out as amongst the most qualified and respected NLP Master Practitioners in any field.

Imagine the possible effects on your business of conversationally assisting a project team to see an innovative solution, of communicating business change with such perceptiveness that you immediately strike a chord with everyone, of influencing colleagues easily and ethically to align themselves towards a common objective.  Using Pareto’s 80:20 principle, you will be able to achieve up to an 80% increased efficiency through leveraging only a 20% increase in synergy.  How powerfully, therefore, will your NLP mastery reach into your professional and personal life?

I wonder how you will first notice the exhilaration of experiencing mastery and what plans you are already making to put your quantum step in skill to action.

What you can expect to learn:

  •   How to elicit, calibrate and utilize the metaprogrammes people use to run their lives
  •   The art and science of conversational change
  •   Understand how and why we spend time, energy and resources in pursuit of our values
  •   Discover advanced motivation and values models
  •   Master the use of unconscious filters of perceptions
  •   Practise advanced submodality change work
  •   Design swish patterns for individuals
  •   Unlock the power of supporting beliefs and understand belief systems
  •   Explore advanced strategies, their streamlining and installation
  •   How to model exemplars to be able to replicate excellence through a self-chosen modelling project that you develop throughout the programme
  •   Experience providing and receiving personal breakthrough sessions
  •   Develop an awareness of health and healing aspects
  •   Using hypnosis and advanced Milton Model language patterns ethically

Course dates:

6th – 8th August 2021

2nd – 4th September

8th – 10th October

5th – 7th November

21st – 23rd January 2022

3rd – 6th February

Venue:  live virtual on Zoom, with potential physical in-person module February 2022

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Event information

  • Starts January 21st 2022
  • Ends January 23rd 2022
  • Virtual event