One Day Introduction To NLP The Study Of Excellence For Facilitators, Trainers, Teachers and Mentors.

Introducing NLP, The Study of Excellence through the medium of teaching, lecturing, learning, training or coaching

5th July 2020

Ipswich, Suffolk

Lisa McNulty

One Day Introduction To NLP The Study Of Excellence For Facilitators, Trainers, Teachers and Mentors.


Why do some students learn more easily than others and what makes some facilitators more effective than others? I won't tell you Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) professionals have been researching the answers to those particular questions because you probably already know that and that part of NLP is the process of modelling. Modelling what works! NLP research has uncovered that the keys to effective learning, are not a question of intelligence, it is far more a matter of teaching teachers to teach powerfully and teaching learners to learn effectively through understanding the mechanics of what teaching and learning are having on the brain.  Learners can learn to learn and think on purpose. Teachers can learn the communication skills that build rapport, learn how to keep rapport even when giving feedback, learn to speak to the unconscious part of the brain and spot ineffective learning strategies and how to help each student develop better strategies for them. 


The world is changing and teaching methods have to evolve to keep up. Using powerful persuasive linguistic tools and techniques can mean your learners achieve and succeed in far more than facts but in self-knowledge, confidence, academically, practically and have a mindset for change much needed to create and be entrepreneurial. 


Introduction to NLP day covers:


  • NLP; an educational model
  • NLP; the study of excellence (history)
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Thinking tools
  • Learning strategies
  • Calibration and eye accessing cues
  • The emotional state of learning.


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  • Starts July 5th 2020
  • Ends July 5th 2020
  • The Unicorn Studios, Tacket Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1BB, United Kingdom