Joseph Pritchard: Zetetic NLP Practitioner Certification (20 days)

21st - 24th February 2020


The 20-day Programme That Profoundly Supports Your Personal And Professional Life

Trainer Joseph Pritchard

“A life-changing experience”
Erica Tester, accountant.

World class accreditation as Zetetic NLP Practitioner - Systemic and Generative NLP including New Code and Classic Code.
Bristol and Cornwall

In the complex world of work and life, it is easy to lose sight of your needs, desires, and hopes.

What are your real goals - personal and professional?

Are you getting the time and skill development that you need?

Or is too much of your energy and goodwill drained by a lack of support?

The Zetetic NLP Practitioner programme gives you, as a professional person, a unique opportunity to support your personal and professional life.

It is designed with you in the mind because it’s organised around your Personal Strategy™ and your professional development.

And you receive a globally recognised certification that makes you a more attractive proposition to yourself and any employer.

You Will:

develop your confidence, authority, and credibility

refresh your natural character

support your integrity

develop your resilience and build your capacity

enhance your relationships

and learn the most effective communication skills available today.

The Programme

We know that you need time to hear yourself think, time to talk things through, time to learn, time to practise, time to reflect and time to be very, very good.

When you have finished this programme, both the theory and practice will be integrated into your unconscious competence and available on demand.

So, if you are not moving towards the happiness you want in your personal and professional life, you will know that there is something you are not doing – rather than something you don’t understand.

Learn How To Resolve:

difficult relationships

communication problems

intolerable management structures

absent support

and inflexible responses to your personal and professional circumstances.

These issues will no longer bother you in the same way because we teach you the most advanced and effective NLP skills available to professionals today.

Understanding how your own nervous system responds can only lead you to conclude this practice is not linear – your subjective experience is malleable.

And if you understand how to truly communicate with yourself, you are able to truly communicate with another.

Knowing that piece of information allows you to generate your own work and informs your response when things don’t go in a straight line - which is often.

And if you have a deep understanding of how NLP techniques work for you – then you can help others too.

And Learn How To:

identify your mental maps

frame a language intervention

develop your options and procedures

use your five senses more effectively

improve your mood

unpack difficult a d complex situations so they can be resolved

access and validate your feeling intelligence and intuitions

be more successful in strategy, sales, innovation, negotiation, law, arbitration, management, marketing, leadership - and family roles.

You will be supported, guided, and mentored through a global syllabus in such a way that the value will repeat itself many times over the years.

And you won’t have to remember or write anything because we practise everything thoroughly and you get a free comprehensive 124-page manual to work from.

Your Technical Competence:

Understand and use highly technical - yet simple - verbal communication skills that help with clarity and understanding in many different contexts including collaboration. project management, coaching, counselling, interim management, leadership, training, and negotiation.

Recognise and use non-verbal signals and pattern skills that mark significant internal physiological shifts

Identify words of meaning and richness and how they work in strategy and leadership

Use your brain like a mixing desk – understand and design your sensory sub-modalities

Identify the sensory strategies employed in your subjective experience

Identify your decision strategy and, the buying strategies of your customers and clients

Utilise existing and embedded motivation strategies to propel change

Develop your options when faced with seemingly intractable relationships or problems

Use your somatic biological strategies for innovation and creativity

Develop your resilience, self-esteem, and self-confidence

Learn what works for you and what doesn’t – and what works for others too

And feel good about yourself and your intuition.

What Others Say:

'It's hard to describe ... if I'd done it 10 or 20 years ago I'd have had a happier life.' Angela Broad

‘Educationally, the most life-changing experience of my life.’
Anna Gillett

'This is not a theory or something to just talk about, it is real. Six years after the course has finished, I still refer regularly to that experiential knowledge. I even find it helpful on the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) that I am currently studying at Bath University.' Aaron Pascoe, Director Alverton Manor Ltd

How Does It Work?

It’s tailored to you and your manner of working with the material. As you know, tailoring takes time: choice of style and cloth, accurate measurements, craftsmanship, threads and individual fittings.

So it’s not off-the-peg. The syllabus and formats work according to your personality and your personal style.

You will do 20 face-to-face days in 5 modules of 4 days over 5 months - a minimum of 125 face-to-face trainer contact hours.

Discover and explore your own Personal Strategy™ in a thorough way. What do you want, what will it look and feel like after you have achieved it, how do you measure it and what's your story?

Discover, explore and use the language of your unconscious mind and your conscious mind

Discover and develop your perceptual skills. This means taking multiple descriptions of your subjective experience in different time and space.

Exploring the different sensory mechanisms takes time - takes you time. And your level of understanding deepens from many levels of exposure - over time.

'Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle.’ Judith DeLozier NLP University

But once you really understand, then your work is safe, informed and ethical. Some of your interventions will verge on the miraculous as change - when it happens - takes no time at all.

You will be very, very good. And if that's what you want, this programme approach will suit you.

And that’s why it takes 20 days over 4 months. The skills ferment and mature in your unconscious ready for your practice.

Event information

  • Starts February 21st 2020
  • Ends February 24th 2020
  • Bristol