LAB Profile Practitioner training

Imagine having a quick way to assess people without a lengthy, expensive online questionnaire - introducing the LAB Profile...

21st - 23rd September 2021


There you are, sitting in a meeting that you thought was going to be straightforward and suddenly you realise that two key players are beginning to disagree.  Voice tones have shifted, the atmosphere feels different and you can see they are gearing up to defend their respective corners.

And yet, you know that, deep down, they both want the same results.  Why are they not in agreement?  What is going on?

Or you’ve had a great conversation with a client or prospect.  They were giving some obvious buying signals and you could tell they liked your proposal.

And then…

… they didn’t buy.  Did you do something wrong? What is going on?

If you’re serious about understanding people and bringing out the best in those around you, let me introduce you to the LAB Profile…

Event information

  • Starts September 21st 2021
  • Ends September 23rd 2021
  • The Arden Hotel, Waterside, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, Warwickshire, CV37 6BE, United Kingdom