NLP Master Practitioner Nicosia

NLP Master Practitioner starts 7 October Nicosia and on Zoom. Trainer: Charalambos Soleas. Training Language: Greek

7th October 2021

Nicosia, Cyprus

Charalambos Soleas

NLP Master Practitioner starts 7 October Nicosia and on Zoom Learn the next level and become an NLP Master Practitioner Trainer: Charalambos Soleas  Trainings will be every Thursday 5.30 to 9.30 for 3 months Total of 

Training Language Greek

What you will learn

  • A recap of all NLP Practitioner level techniques
  • 3 distinct ways of modelling others including modelling skills and modelling states of being
  • How to enable people to model themselves, change unhelpful models and enhance helpful ones
  • Working with strategies, including enabling people to recognise unhelpful strategies and the installation and utilisation of new strategies
  • How to distract the conscious mind and allow deep work at the unconscious level using advanced language techniques
  • Managing your own state, applying protective filters and boundaries
  • Understanding and applying advanced linguistic patterns to create shift
  • How to use metaphors to work at a deep unconscious level, connect to powerful resources and enable change
  • Adapting people’s model by finding the difference that makes the difference and applying to self
  • How to work with your own unconscious signals and how to include unconscious signals in your coaching
  • Negotiation with self and others
  • Utilisation of space to maximise your coaching impact
  • How to analyse and utilise the data coming from people’s language and enable them to recognise the impact of their own language patterns
  • Improve your own confidence in challenging situations including how to present confidently
  • How to design your own NLP based interventions
  • Take your coaching skills to an advanced level to coach artfully, flexible and confidently based on the individual in front of you
  • Refined use of sub modalities to connect to positive resources and enable a more empowering view of the problem or situation
  • A space to allow yourself to reflect, learn and create your own empowering shifts

Its time for you to go to the next level - Master Level

Event information

  • Starts October 7th 2021
  • Hybrid event
  • Soleas Academy, Papaflessa 2 Latsia, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2022, Cyprus