NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience

Be at your best more of the time, and help change lives for the better with a Certified NLP Practitioner Course. Live. Experiential. Online.

17th - 18th September 2021

ITS Team

The NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience will equip you to become an effective NLP Practitioner, guiding and inspiring others to make real and lasting life changes.

By combining the power of NLP with the rigour of neuroscience, our internationally recognised instructors explain exactly what works, why it works and how to apply it in all areas of life.

What is NLP Practitioner training? 

At the core of NLP Practitioner training is the completion of a proven programme where you learn from experienced experts in this field. Here you build the skills necessary to build a rapport with clients and impart the knowledge and techniques that will help them achieve success, as well as increase your own depth of knowledge.

The NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience guides you to develop these essential skills that benefit you and those around you, with unique additional content that ties NLP to the rigours of neuroscience. This extra layer provides a deeper perspective that’s valuable to both existing practitioners and those new to the discipline.

What makes this NLP Practitioner course unique?

Our NLP Practitioner certification programme is unique in that it combines insights from the world of NLP with the amazing discoveries that neuroscience is continuing to reveal about our brains’ physical development and the various processes that occur within it. This presents powerful, compelling and practical content for both experienced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding and for those just starting their journey.

The NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience is a 12-day NLP Practitioner course comprising six 2-day modules over 5 months. This structure allows you to take your learnings and use them in real world situations between each module. This applied learning approach helps you to assimilate the material and make huge strides as the programme progresses.

The programme is led by Ian McDermott, the practitioner and author who first brought NLP and Coaching together and then did the same for NLP and Neuroscience. Along with fellow course leader Professor Patricia Riddell, Ian has been at the forefront of applying pioneering work in the neurosciences to NLP – and bringing its practical benefits to people from all walks of life. Over the last 30 years, Ian has trained thousands of NLP Practitioners.


Pre-Programme induction and orientation:
Tuesday 14th September, 7pm to 8.30pm BST

Module 1: 17th – 18th September 2021
Creating a Learning Mindset
How you can open a world of new possibilities

Module 2: 8th – 9th October 2021
Understanding the Structure of Human Experience
How you can get to the heart of what makes people tick

Module 3: 29th – 30th October 2021
Being at our Most Resourceful
How you can be at your best and overcome challenges

Module 4: 19th – 20th November 2021
Modeling Excellence in Performance
How you make meaning of the world – for better or worse

Module 5: 10th – 11th December 2021
Designing Compelling Futures
How you can feel more in control and stop the past running the present

Module 6: 14th – 15th January 2022
Finding Inner Freedom
How you can feel more at home in your own skin and rise to the role you find yourself in

All days will run from 10.30am to 4.45pm BST, with the exception of the pre-programme orientation call as detailed above.

Each 2 day module takes place on a Friday and Saturday.

Each day includes a 45 minute lunch break and 2 x 15 minute breaks.

We will also have regular ‘working’ screen breaks.

Event information

  • Starts September 17th 2021
  • Ends September 18th 2021
  • Virtual event