NLP Practitioner with Advanced Coaching Certification

NLP Schools’ Practitioner programme is a certified, modular course that will leave you with a toolbox of skills to facilitate your personal and professional development.

6th - 8th October 2021

“Robbie is one of most natural trainers I have ever met – he guides you through your resistances and enables you to connect with that wonderful resource – you – I cannot recommend Robbie and the NLP School highly enough be it that you want to be a coach to others – coach to yourself or just give yourself the tools to be happier – enjoy!” –
Steve Robson, CEO of Brumby Media Group

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We have been teaching NLP for many years and our Practitioner course is our flagship programme.  The programme is 10 days split into 3 modules.

We cover every aspect of the NLP Practitioner certification including:

  • Well Formed Outcomes – Learn how to create compelling, successful goals every time
  • Representational Systems – Learn how to understand yourself and others
  • Submodalities – Learn how to use your brain’s programming language
  • Language Patterns – Change your world through the words you use
  • Anchoring & State Management – Change the way you feel anytime you like
  • Strategies – Change your behaviours and unwanted habits
  • Personal Integration – Resolve internal conflict and gain congruence and understanding
  • Time Empowerment Techniques – Learn how to release emotions from the past
  • Beliefs – Learn how to change limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs
  • Phobia Model – Eradicate phobias in yourself and others
  • Learning Strategies – Learn how to teach, coach and lead others

Going deeper in to the same themes of change, learning and excellence, the syllabus includes:

  • The concept of rapport and how to develop it.
  • Sensory acuity and physiological cues
  • Recognising linguistic patterns and language as a tool for change
  • Understanding and working with positive intentions Identifying thinking patterns and strategies
  • The concept of strategies and how they can be applied to any activity
  • The ‘Brilliant’ decision making model
  • Powerful methods for resolving past issues, including phobias
  • Creativity and planning tools
  • Presentation skills, especially the use of stories and metaphor
  • High-performance. Be at your best in situations which previously seemed difficult, if not impossible, or boost your game in areas where you are already skilled.
  • Meet your targets
  • Change unwanted habits
  • Begin to understand the unconscious mind and how it works
  • Develop clear, powerful decision making strategies
  • Communicate more precisely and flexibly and circumvent common communication problems
  • Accelerate learning using questioning and observation methods.


Module 1:  Coach Training with NLP, TA (Transactional Analysis) and Mindfulness is the introduction to NLP and Coaching with NLP
Dates: 6th - 8th October

Module 2:  Advanced Coach Training - with Processes for Personal and Professional Development teaches advanced NLP, Leadership Coaching Skills and powerful change processes.
Dates: 1st - 3rd December December

Module 3:  Bringing it all together. Completes the NLP Practitioner curriculum and includes certification.
26th - 29th January 2022

On successful completion of the course, you will be qualified and fully licensed to practice as an NLP Practitioner.

Event information

  • Starts October 6th 2021
  • Ends October 8th 2021
  • Virtual event