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Find out about NLP
This is a forum about anything NLP
Practical advice in dealing with complaints
8th Jul 2015 by Nick Kemp

6th Jul 2015 by Roo Dhoop

Seeking help with Dilts' re-imprtinting technique
5th Jun 2015 by Tricia Mitchell

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Discuss NLP Training
An open forum for questions and discussions relating to NLP training
Inner Voice
6th Nov 2014 by Jim Hardie

In the past
15th Nov 2013 by Vincent V

Looking for a video/audio chat platform to offer counseling for free
15th Nov 2013 by Vincent V

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Rapport Magazine
An open forum for following up Rapport debates, articles and ideas
Can we create NLP Practitioners online?
19th Jun 2015 by Sami nightingale

Do you use touch with clients? (Winter Debate)
29th Jun 2013 by Lynn Hubbard

Join the Spring Debate
27th May 2013 by Sharry luode

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Research in NLP
Discussion topics regarding NLP and research, including sourcing NLP Research
Cross Cultural eye accessing cues
11th Jun 2015 by Williamina McGuigan

Performance Anxiety
9th Mar 2015 by Susan jane Wright

NLP and Dyslexia - fact or myth?
9th Sep 2013 by David Dowdeswell-Allaway

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ANLP Practice Groups Forum
For Practice Group facilitators & members to ask questions, share ideas & promote best practice
Practice Group in Stamford/Peterborough
9th Mar 2015 by Alison Matthews

ANLP Practice Group - Hemel Hempstead
8th Mar 2014 by Polly Harris Gorf

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Latest NLP Book Review

The Loss Box

What a find
By Carol Haycock

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NLP Research Monthly Pick

Meta progams in accounting educators
Authors: Brown, N
Date Published: 2001

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