Go Cardless Membership Links

The benefits of using Go Cardless to pay for your membership include

  • you no longer have to remember to renew every year, as Go Cardless will automatically renew your membership
  • you can choose to pay monthly or annually
  • you can manage any changes to bank details via your Go Cardless account
  • your bank details are held more securely than before as there is no longer any need for paper records to be held by ANLP - see our Go Cardless Security page for more information
  • Go Cardless services more countries than the old DD system, which was restricted to UK only.

If you have elected to pay for ANLP membership by Go Cardless, please click on the relevant link below to set up your recurring payment plan:

Accounts Code Description Amount
TRMP Trainer, Monthly, Rapport by Post 16.20
TRMO Trainer, Monthly, Rapport Online 15.00
PRMP Professional, Monthly, Rapport by Post 11.40
PRMO Professional, Monthly, Rapport Online 9.60
ARMP Associate, Monthly, Rapport by Post 5.40
ARMO Associate, Monthly, Rapport Online 3.60
TRAP Trainer, Annual, Rapport by Post 174.00
TRAO Trainer, Annual, Rapport Online 150.00
PRAP Professional, Annual, Rapport by Post 126.00
PRAO Professional, Annual, Rapport Online 102.00
ARAP Associate, Annual, Rapport by Post 60.00
ARAO Associate, Annual, Rapport Online 36.00
TRMP + OE Trainer, Monthly, Rapport by Post + Coach OE 19.20
TRMO + OE Trainer, Monthly, Rapport Online + Coach OE 18.00
PRMP + OE Professional, Monthly, Rapport by Post + Coach OE 14.40
PRMO + OE Professional, Monthly, Rapport Online + Coach OE 12.60



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