Health Professionals

The applications of NLP are important both to those in the medical field and to individuals interested in good health.


In today`s rapidly changing field of health care, medical professionals need more than technical abilities. They are increasingly called upon to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and flexibility, as well as abilities in the area of negotiation, business management and conflict resolution.

NLP provides these necessary skills for relating effectively to and communicating clearly with patients and co-workers. Research in NLP today is focusing on ways of building and maintaining personal health, reducing stress, engaging the body`s ability to heal and defining the relationship between health and beliefs.


Much of the initial modelling in NLP focused on how effective therapists helped their clients to change, so applications of NLP for Health and Wellbeing are widespread. Most of the therapists behaviour and language was beyond their conscious awareness and so the analysis and modelling of the therapists` techniques produced information of a highly practical nature. The personal changework processes in NLP are wide ranging and powerful.

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