Hated water

An 18 year old man had a phobia of swimming pools following an unwanted childhood experience.

The'cure' was established in just two sessions. The first session used a fast phobia method to eliminate the impact of a childhood experience of being pushed under water and having to be dragged out of the pool. This had the effect of him being able to look at, go to and jump into a pool again without cold sweats and panic. He still had a fear of going under.

The second session dealt with this using hypnotherapy, a staircase deepener took him to an imaginary football match at the bottom of a pool (he liked football). Each downward step made him more curious to go to the match and take part, which he eventually did. At the end of the session he complained that I brought him back too soon --- he had been asked to join the players for a drink in the pub!!

This client is now able to enjoy going to a swimming pool, puts his head under water, knows his 'depth' limits and wants to learn to swim better. This is life changing as he is now able to enjoy a beach holiday with his family and friends.

Submitted by David Hutchinson, Professional Member

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