Not afraid to get in the water: NLP and phobias

Needles, flying, spiders, you name it, our delegates with phobias are pleasantly surprised when NLP techniques get rid of years of fear. Here one of our past students goes swimming, and *finally* can put her face in the water.

"I'm emailing to tell you that I can now swim with my face in the water. It's amazing. I am so excited. I finally plucked up the courage to go to the health club on Sunday (I'd been avoiding it in case I found out that it hadn't worked!).

The first change I noticed was driving there, when I realised that I couldn't remember why I 'had been' afraid of putting my face into the water. I literally said to myself, 'I wonder why I didn't like it?' and had no somatic response to tell me that the fear still existed. I won't go into the minutiae of how it all worked but it did and although a bit unpleasant and strange at first, I persevered and managed ten lengths, swimming like a normal swimmer! I emerged refreshed and exhilarated.

I started emailing you today and then thought I'd better make sure that the change is lasting, so swam again. This time, again a bit unpleasant at first, but eventually, I even managed to immerse my head completely and swim two strokes under water before coming up and it felt wonderful. There's no stopping me now."

Submitted by Robbie Steinhouse, Trainer Member

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