Spider Phobia by means of fast phobia cure

In these cases the first thing I did was to test the phobia to see how intense the reaction was. Just the thought of spiders caused an immediate and uncontrollable panic, so we knew we were working with a phobic response rather than a conscious fear and had a starting point.

This lady's motivation was for a wedding and honeymoon in an old English hotel that was going to have spiders in and that her new home had some of the huntsmen spiders in residence. So the motivation was strong, another tick in the box.

The main difficulty with this case was that the woman I was dealing with was a foreign national and her first language was not English. Therefore we spent a good while determining that we could work in English in her unconscious. Fortunately she had spent a number of years speaking, and thinking, in English so we could work with that.

The beginning of the process involved examining where the phobia had come from and loosening that up using a re-framing techniques. This reduced the phobic response, but the trigger was still in place.

We used a double disassociation, cinema experience in a hypnotic trance to resolve the phobia in the end. Before starting this process though I elicited some key triggers from her that I like to use to enhance the process. I elicited a piece of music that triggered a laughter response and other triggers that caused a relaxed state in her that I could use in the process.

From there it was a simple matter to run through the scenario that triggered the phobic response using double disassociation, and playing with the images and sounds causing a "jumble", so that she couldn't create the panic response anymore when confronted with the image of a spider.

Her convincer was that she would have to experience seeing a spider, even though the thought of a spider didn't trigger a phobic response anymore.

Below are her words on the fast phobia cure. I also had a telephone chat with her a couple of years later and her phobia was still a thing of the past:
I thought I’d just let you know how I’m getting on, and thank you again for your help with my spider phobia! When I got home after the treatment I was restless, I did not know what to do with my newly found calmness! Whereas imagining big spiders running behind the bed normally would have sent me into panic stage, I can now lie there calmly and see my "vision" through. I have since caught a spider in our spider catcher. A certain amount of doubt is still there, a tiny knot in my tummy and a somewhat watchful eye will remain on duty tonight, but what a difference! You're the best! My gratitude, thanks and love

Submitted by Duncan Batchelor, Professional Member

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