Spider Phobia by conversational triggers and reframing

A friend, and fellow scuba diver, was chatting to me at a scuba social event and was telling me how her backpacking trip was going to be spoilt by a spider phobia of, as she would be going to places where there would definitely be spiders about. Her motivation was strong so I suggested we sat down quietly and sorted it out for her.

During an initial test for her phobic response I could see the panic just with the thought of a spider being close to her so she started from a point of a full on, uncontrollable panic.

Simply by using a set of conversational anchors created in a 10 minute conversation had the desired effect to reduce the phobia to a controllable level. Unfortunately I did not have time to work with her for longer as her backpacking triip began a couple of days after our chat, so she went out not having tested the new anchors.

Her testimonial is below:
A phobia of spiders had been putting an edge on the excitement I was feeling about going backpacking around Asia. I'd always been scared of spiders and I knew I was likely to come across some pretty big ones on my travels. We talked about it for one session and then I went off traveling not really thinking it would have helped much. But it did. Of course, I had some encounters with spiders and my reaction was unbelievably calm. I'm really grateful to Duncan for this.

Submitted by Duncan Batchelor, Professional Member

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