University after a long break!


Rod's client was a 21 year man who lived in Tirana, Albania, He had completed high school three years prior but locked into a low wage, low expectation job. He wanted to change his life and get a career as well as discover what was ‘outside’ Albania.

He felt great pressure from his family to do better. He was frustrated by the apparent impossibility to change his destiny and his frustration with life in his city.


Rod's objectives were to empower his client to identify what his passions were. To reconnect him with those passions and help empower him to find avenues that would open the doors for him to start the changes. Ideally to get him to believe in himself as well as see himself on a firm career tract.


Rod initially identified some of his clients key strengths, which included good spoken English and the ability to benefit from a University education.

Rod tailored six NLP based coaching sessions specifically to his clients needs. This included a 'personal breakthrough' session to increase his clients confidence and a session to help him understand what was really important to him both in work and life generally.

He then coached him to improve his chances of getting accepted at both college and university and how to really benefit from the opportunity this would offer. After his client won a scholarship for a first year at college, he provided a programme of Skype and email support.


The impact on his clients motivation and skills was immediate resulting his winning his Scholarship. After completing his college year his client left for Tetovo, in Turkey where he had been accepted to University. He was living on his own at college in a foreign country and thriving on the challenge.

And so?

Eighteen months later his client worked at a major international tourist resort hotel in Turkey for a summer season and earned more in those few months than in the previous 18 months. In addition he has now been accepted to their management training programme. He has discovered himself and has provided for his family as well as himself.

Submitted by Roderick Beaumont, Accredited Trainer Member

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