Not all relationships are good for you

Martin was two years into a relationship with his partner. It was Martin's first serious relationship since coming out and he was so thrilled to be in a longer term relationship that he had asked Jon to move in with him.

No sooner had they moved in together, the trouble began. Jon became possessive and controlling and Martin had begun to feel very unhappy and had put on weight.

It was deeply painful to think of losing the relationship he'd always wanted, and the fear of being alone was crippling to him. At the same time he felt trapped in a situation that was stifling his ability to be himself and at times felt very threatening.

Over a period of just a few short weeks, using NLP, EFT and Mindfulness practice, he reconnected with his own confidence and self worth. Martin regained enough sense of the situation to realise that for him, being on his own was better than being bullied and controlled. He ended his relationship with Jon and although he was sad, he got back his sense of who he was, and began enjoying exercise and his friendships again.

Submitted by Will Thomas, Professional Member

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