Confidence Building using a Board Break

Jeremy ran a NLP Master Practitioner course which, by virtue of the organisation that ran the course, contained around 30 women and a handful of men. As part of the course, the delegates did a ‘Board break’, in other words they put their hand through a piece of solid wood. For everyone on the course it was a ‘Breakthrough’ in many respects, but for one lady in particular it was a major Breakthrough.

Whereas most people broke the wood first time, she had several unsuccessful attempts. We had asked all students to write their goals on one side of the wood, and for this particular students the goals of having a book published and meeting the man of her dreams seemed too hard for her to achieve. She received some coaching from the coaching assistants and was able to break through her limitations, literally and metaphorically, even with a sore hand!

Within a year or so she had a book published and had found her dream man. Worth a sore hand? You bet!

Submitted by Jeremy Lazarus, Accredited Trainer Member

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