Carole: Music industry manager. Bedford. Area of concern: Fear of Flying.

'I was introduced to NLP through a mutual friend after I mentioned I had experienced panic attacks. These attacks had started after a particularly turbulent flight from South Africa to London. In my mind this frightening journey seemed to re-appear in my mind on any flight with turbulence.

I realised this was irrational, but still couldn't fight the feelings of terror I was having.

I only had two sessions with Lawrence which included relaxation and positive methods of coping with my fear.

After the second session I felt more able to cope with a flight I had coming up in December 2015 to Melbourne. This would be the first time I had flown on my own on such a long flight; a total of 22 hours in the air.

I had been provided with MP3s of our hypnotherapy sessions and armed with this, and the relaxation exercises, I felt far more confident in boarding the first plane. I played the mp3s through my new noise reducing headphones and this helped when there was any turbulence and I landed in Melbourne safely.

All in all visiting an NLP Professional and actively using his methods of dealing with my fear and panic has helped me dramatically and I intend to continue with this on any future flights.'

Submitted by Lawrence Netto, Professional Member

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