Testimonial - NLP and coaching techniques, female 30-40 yrs

I am very grateful to have benefited from one to one coaching from Astrid Davies. She helped me to address a specific issue that was holding back my professional development, taking the time to explore the background leading to it, addressing these and helping me not only to identify triggers and the reasoning behind them, but to look at why they were holding me back, and how I could let go on my fears and concerns. Astrid very patiently took me through a number of techniques, drawing on my previous positive experiences which had an instantly recognizable effect, in addition to giving me tools to us prior to and during the types of situations that had been causing me problems.

I am very pleased to report that two months on I have continued to apply these techniques in both my professional and personal life, and see a marked improvement on each occasion. I would highly recommend Astrid’s services as she skillfully combines science and her considerable training and experience with her own common sense approach in a way that is extremely engaging and effective.

Submitted by Astrid Davies, Introductory Professional Member

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