Architectural business

This business was very dependent on its directors and sales had flat-lined.

Over a period of 2.5 years I have helped the business transform the way they work and the capability of their management team.

Sales workshops I conducted helped them to think differently about ways they marketed their services and lead directly to winning a major project within the first year.

NLP Presentation training lead to increased confidence presenting and defining their unique story.

Management skills workshops have helped them develop senior and middle management teams to spread the load more widely and increase the ability for the directors to work more strategically and with clarity about the future direction of the business.

One to one coaching has supported key people, including the Group CEO, to play to their strengths, and lead their teams to implement better processes and systems.

The success of my coaching lead to being asked to work with another company in their Group - which is already having similar positive results.

Submitted by Martin Johnson, Professional Member

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