NLP for Business - Ovecoming panic attacks

1. Business Owner. Very successful early in first career - very young Director. High achiever, musician, MBA, very fit. Uncharacteristically anxious in respect of public speaking. Also suffering panic attacks. Offered group therapy and CBT through NHS. Couldn’t face that.
What we did; 4 face to face sessions. Set outcome goals. Identified the context, the triggers and what was physiologically occurring. We developed a number of coping strategies, visualisations and tested to find the best strategy.
We found the source of the conflict which related to a significant emotional event which had been triggered by the recent hospitalisation of a family member.

Timeline therapy to manage the strong emotions within this and other events followed by resourcing the client appropriately for the future by designing a bespoke cognitive hypnotherapy MP3 to reinforce the changes made.

Result? No further panic attacks, able to carry out successful high energy business sales presentations.

Submitted by Hils Carmichael, Professional Member

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