Balloon Phobia

A Hertfordshire company helped cure a man live on radio of his 33-year phobia of balloons.

Paul had been suffering from balloon fear since the age of six when his mother burst one of the party pieces in front of his face.

Paul’s fear was so blown up out of all proportion that on one occasion he fainted when hundreds of balloons were released onto a dance floor at a party he was attending.

David used an NLP visualising technique during a radio broadcast to combat Mr Reason’s rubbery orb-session, also known as globophobia.

The 20-minute treatment worked, to the delight of Paul’s children, Sophie and Joshua, who are now allowed to celebrate birthdays and Christmas with balloons.

“The change is remarkable,” said David. “Paul had been on valium for five years and he was crying in the car park before the show because he didn’t know what we were going to do.”

“We reprogram the way people react in certain situations,” said David. “Phobia sufferers react in a way much like watching a horror movie and each time they come close to their fear they play that movie.

“We find out what is making them play that scary movie, then take out their metaphorical DVD and scratch it so they can’t play it again.”

Submitted by David Key, Accredited Trainer Member

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