Three Hour Session - Beth - in her own words 2010

Hi Nina, thank you so much for the session today – it was a kind of breakthrough experience for me, and if you are open to it, I would love to have another session with you this week. Here’s some feedback which you can use for your case study if it is helpful:

While I came to the session with the aim of getting help with the addiction to smoking, the experience for me was way bigger – it was a stunning connection with my “sub” or unconscious mind which not only fell perfectly into place with the consciousness work I have been doing lately but also provided a significant shift that would have taken me a lot longer to make on my own. It seemed you knew intuitively what I needed and where I needed to go. I really appreciated and responded so well to your gentle, positive and very powerful guidance. I came away feeling fully empowered and so easily joyful. I feel like I am seeing the world around me from a new viewpoint. Without effort, my awareness is consistently centered comfortably back in the mid-brain behind the eyes, and I am experiencing a glow from the inside out, which is very cheerful!

As I mentioned, I have been recently working at letting go of the idea and its associated habits, that my life is difficult, a struggle and quite desperate (Thus I have been regarding myself as person who needs comfort – something ‘just for me’). I have been using EFT, visualisations, affirmations, self-reflective writing to help make a shift to a better idea… I feel that what happened in our session today is that there was a key, powerful alignment with my sub-conscious mind – that big and satisfying jolt… Thank you! - Beth Pederson 2010

Submitted by Nina Madden, Trainer Member

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