Six Sessions with Julie - The effects of therapy in her own words

One of the most dramatic changes I have noticed since coming to therapy is that I am less harsh on myself. I have been disciplining myself for years not to give into my yearnings – for nice clothes from posh shops, nice shoes, red lipstick, whatever it is that I wish to be part of me – and since coming to therapy I have actively started to give in to myself and allow myself to become the self I wish to be. I also am very pleased to have looked at issues in my past that caused me trouble – such as the circumstances of my birth and ideas about sexual abuse somewhere in my past. Through revisiting these events the time line therapy, I have no been able to see these events different, find my power in them and those things I feel I lack - vulnerability, feminity – and reincorporating these back into my sense of self, but this time with the power that these give me. Furthermore, I have had subconscious visions of myself as I wish I was, and since seeing these in my minds eye, I have set about to actualise them in my life. And I have come away with strategies for dealing with my addiction to feeling bad about myself, which is just a habit of seeing myself and not my true self, which I can apply to any situation I would rather have myself be different.

One of the amazing powerful things about the therapy was my response to hypnotherapy. I consider myself to be quite a heady person, who thinks all the time and thinks about thinking all the time, and I was so relieved to find that I could quickly move out of that head monologue and connect with a more life affirming message in my subconsciousness. I feel that this aspect of the therapy has been the most powerful for me in changing myself, and also in me understanding myself as someone who is not disconnected from my inner being, but who does connect and can gain the wisdom from it easily.

Nina is a brilliant therapist as she makes you realise what power you have inside you to make your life as you desire to be and tap into that power, not to make you dependent on her for sorting out your life. Having been in traditional therapy and counselling situations often in my life, I really felt that I could not gain anything more from my examining the past, ascrbing blame, feeling angry etc. again and again. I came to Nina with the intention to reprogramme my mind about who I believed myself to be. Although with Nina we did reconside the past, this was with a view to see the positives or higher intentions of what happened and to find my own power in these situations. This has been a radical break from previous therapies and has enabled me to simply move on. And see what value these hold for me, so now certain things that I was angry about, I am actually understanding them as giving me great insight into my character, and how I deal with the world around me. It has been incredibly liberating and I do feel as if I have opened a new vista for my life which perhaps I have never dreamed of seeing, let alone actually living, which I feel I am doing. I heartily recommend her. She is worth every penny!
Julie B - 2010

Submitted by Nina Madden, Trainer Member

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