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The brief: Burtons Foods Ltd. had developed their company values several years ago but the new HR Director soon realised that whilst the head office staff were fairly clear on what the company values were and how they impacted their working lives, the other sites away from head office had little or no awareness or engagement with the company values.

The solution: With full engagement of the individual site’s HR managers a 4 hour interactive and bespoke workshop was developed to introduce senior managers, factory managers and line managers of each site to the concept and benefit of company values.

Across two days at each site all senior managers participated in and attended the workshop. The key objective was to ensure the workshop was practical and relevant to their day to day working lives not just a fancy workshop resulting in a few new posters on the wall!

Benefits : Feedback showed that
• 92% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they could see how to use the company values in their day to day job
• 96% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that there was a good balance of learning & interaction.

Spontaneous comments included

• “ have a better understanding of importance of values & how to be more sensitive to people’s values”

• “appreciated the chance to be part of a team and listen to other’s thoughts”

• “ liked the atmosphere of the session and ease of understanding - easy going, interesting, open, friendly, interactive, informal mood”

Jackie Kent Head of HR said “I’m delighted that from the initial briefing process onward Dee understood our needs and developed an effective bespoke solution that worked consistently every time. In order to reach the number and breadth of participants, the solution needed to be a half day workshop – a relatively short period of time to gain rapport with large numbers, understand challenges, share new concepts and gain buy in to new ways of working.

Dee achieved all of this in a truly engaging and interactive manner as shown by the excellent feedback from participants and site HR managers. I would highly recommend any head of department talk to Dee to see how she can add value to your business too.”

Submitted by Dee Clayton, Trainer Member

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