Needle Phobia

Reference Experience - Fast fix phobia twist.
I used the fast fix phobia cure for this client with a slight twist.

The client had had a long standing fear of injections from childhood and wanted to overcome this fear because she enjoys traveling the world and as part of this was required to undergo a number of vaccinations which made the time leading up to the trip quite uncomfortable for her.

During our preliminary interview and taking about how NLP could help her with this issue, I started to notice that her predefined thoughts on NLP and hypnosis (which she associated together) were not that great and I could see that this was making her apprehensive.

I gave her some reassurance and some background information on how NLP worked and how she would remain in complete control and also installed the bale out anchor in a suitable position on her shoulder for me to use if necessary and also on her knee if she felt the need to come out of the state.

I made a decision to rather than describe the process and then perform it, instead to use the description of how I would perform the fast fix phobia cure as the actual session.

I did this by essentially talking through the steps and getting the client to do them.

Fox example: “What we are going to do first is to close our eyes now, then what you will begin to see in front of you is the screen in your own personal cinema”....
This took only a few sentences to bring the client into the required state and this enable me to easily continue the rest of the technique.

I asked at the end how she now felt about the injections and if she was now ready to proceed with the session proper?....Which the response was, as expected “’s weird the thought of having the injections is not bothering that much anymore”

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