Setting a compelling goal on an i2l NLP Diploma course

I attended an NLP Diploma course with i2l in 2010. I started my MSc in Counselling in January 2009, completing the Post-Graduate Diploma part of the course in December 2010 which qualified me as a counsellor. This means I can start practicing whilst I complete the Masters part of the course.

I started this counselling course at a desperate time in my job when I was bored and applied for numerous jobs without even getting shortlisted which, up until then was unheard of. So I started to panic about my teaching qualification lacking any currency and was concerned where this would lead my career. It was at this point I decided to apply for the counselling course as I had thought about counselling for at least 5 years and thought it would add another string to my bow; could open up an opportunity to be self-employed and would stimulate me during the dearth which was my current job.

By the time I attended the NLP course I was 18 months into the diploma with 6 months to go until qualification. At the time, I was eager to set up in private practice and wished to do this as soon as possible as the current contract I am on with the council ends in July 2011 and I do not want to return to my substantive post from August 2011. However, I had almost no idea how to set up in private practice or to be self-employed. I am not a risk taker by nature and feel caught between wanting to do this and not believing I can.

I completed the Well Formed Outcome on the i2l NLP course. This was amazing; life changing in fact. The most revealing aspects were the last four questions.

What would happen if you did make that change?
What would happen if you didn’t make that change?
What wouldn’t happen if you did make that change?
What wouldn’t happen if you did make that change?

They are difficult to answer as they seem similar, but answering them gives such different responses and the clarity of these was the motivation I needed to start putting it into action. In fact it galvanised me into making a workable SMART action plan when I got home that evening (!)

Through this process I have realised how amazing and life changing NLP techniques can be; I can safely say I am now a believer! I have remembered the impact of the Well Formed Outcome on me and have often used it with clients who feel stuck or trapped in a situation both as a complete form or just using certain questions during a conversation to help the client focus. It has provided such clarity at times. Most of all I have realised am quite a determined and organised person who can put my mind to making things happen. I notice people tell me this quite a lot. I don’t know whether this is a new thing or they’ve been saying it for years and because I’ve not believed it I’ve not heard it.

I need to remember the things which I’ve learned about myself and what I’m capable of especially when I am feeling de-motivated and lacking confidence about taking the next step. At this moment in time I am not sure how I am going to be making my money come September and I wouldn’t normally be happy being such a risk-taker but I know I am a planner who has the commitment to make things happen and will not be foolishly reckless and rash.
Looking back on what I’ve achieved in the last 12 months fills me with hope and optimism that the next 12 have the potential to be equally rewarding.

Submitted by Clare Smale, Trainer Member

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