Anxiety, Depression and Claustrophobia (Published in the Buxton Advertiser, May 2011)

Alison - A bright 30-something in a happy relationship, gorgeous kids, nice house and a successful career. When she told her employer how much stress she was experiencing and the impact it was having on her confidence, they referred her to therapist and life coach, Diane Oxborough.

In Alison’s own words, “I was feeling very anxious, depressed and had massive issues with claustrophobia. I was unable to go into any building if I couldn’t see the exit, and unable to go up or down more than one flight of stairs anywhere.”

After just 2 sessions, Alison’s anxiety had completely disappeared. She emailed Diane saying, “I took the kids to the pantomime and we parked in a multi-storey car park, and we used the lift to go down to pavement level and to go back up to our level! I couldn’t believe I had done it – no fear, no panic, no stress – but weirdly, I felt excited and then really, really proud of myself. I now know that this will never be a problem again for me and it feels sooooo good!”

After her third and final session she reported, “I am now able to realise any plans I make with the kids, I am more confident at work, I feel really in control of my life and I can’t believe how much of a difference Diane has made to me”.

If you’d like to find out how Diane can help you change your life, visit or call her in confidence on 01298 72907

Submitted by Diane Oxborough, Professional Member

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