Case Study - Distributor - "What recession."


The company started as a small scale enterprise using telephone sales to sell paper rolls and related products, gradually growing until it employed 30.
Early in 2008 the Managing Director started to learn about building better relationships with both her management team and clients using the techniques Saxton’s provided through their Advanced NLP Programme for Leaders. At the same time Gwyneth employed a Marketing company to look at moving her business forward.

What did we do?

We gave each a CORE® Profile and individual results coaching. This explained what happens at the core of each individual. This enabled Gwyneth and her team to communicate their new business concepts more effectively with clients and the company as a whole.
Developing client potential created a real opportunity for the business. They saw over 30% increase in business. One client alone increased from a £5,000 a year client to a £50,000 a year account and that was just the start.
They are now bucking the recession and actually taking on several new staff as a direct result of the new drive and confidence with CORE®. The Managing Director, who is now qualified through Saxton’s International NLP Programme said:

“We are working with larger and larger accounts because Saxton’s has helped us realise and develop clients’ full potential.

Initial 30% increase is now attracting further dramatic increases as a result of only taking on new staff when they have been assessed through Core® and all staff incorporating advanced language techniques for influence.

Quotes from thee Managing Director

“I now relate differently to my staff and as a business we are relating differently to clients.”

“We still have our small accounts; however our business development team now uses NLP techniques with clients to uncover what they need."

“As we have started to ask questions in a different way we have discovered new opportunities for development with our existing clients."

“What can be achieved using Saxton’s practical NLP tools is absolutely amazing whether that be by phone or face to face. We are capitalizing on what we are really good at. Service, and using our new skills to provide more of it."

“I could not have got the change in my own staff if I had not learned to relate to them differently."

“Recession, with regard to that, I started this business 16 years ago; there was a recession then, now we are moving forward again and taking on more telesales, warehouse and sales support staff and I need a new part time HR person too. I have to ask What Credit Crunch?.”

Submitted by Sonia Saxton, Accredited Trainer Member

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