Goal Setting

Elysian Holidays is a world-wide villa accommodation specialist holiday company,

renting villas in many areas throughout the world; where all the properties are hand picked and most are visited by either Maxine Harrison (owner of Elysian Holidays) or another member of staff.

The business was undergoing a series of challenges due to the economic climate and travel threats.

Maxine defined a series of achievable goals and then started to work towards achieving these goals. To achieve this, each goal was broken down into manageable chunks and as such into smaller goals.

During the coaching sessions, each smaller goal was addressed and a number of steps discussed and actions agreed. As each smaller goal is achieved the longer-term goals defined initially are coming closer.

Now that the Elysian Holidays goals are being achieved, Maxine has recently defined a further growth plan, which includes an element of diversification; and the initial steps have been taken to achieve these new goals.

When asked, Maxine defined the benefits of coaching as the support that assists in providing clarity, boosts her confidence, and enhances her ability to prioritise. She says that as coaching gives her the opportunity to discuss all areas of her business and personal life with someone who is non-judgemental, the role of business manager no longer leaves her feeling alone especially when it comes to making decisions. She added that one loses any fear of the future.

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