How to Choose a Good NLP Professional


Because the practice of NLP is currently unregulated, ANLP strongly recommend that you choose a Professional who is, at least, a member of, or accredited by a reputable organisation which has a Code of Ethics.


All Members of ANLP agree to adhere to, and are governed by the ANLP Code of ethics. Members are also required to provided copies of NLP qualifications and external references, all of which are checked and verified by the ANLP Team. In addition, ANLP has a complaints procedure in place to deal with concerns about any Member.


These Membership Criteria ensure that all ANLP Members are appropriately qualified, adhere to the ANLP Code of Ethics and Pledge to hold themselves responsible and accountable to ANLP, should any issue arise. 


As with any purchase we make we want to know that we have got the best “product” for us. Finding an NLP Professional is the same and it is important to consider the relevant information before you choose who to go with.


Firstly, feel free to contact the Professional/company personally with any queries that you may have. Have a list of questions ready to ask so you extract all the information you need to make an informed decision. By talking to the person directly you can get an idea of what techniques they use, the cost and their general coaching style, all important factors in your final decision.


It is also important to check their certifications and how they trained - with a plethora of online NLP courses now available, make sure you engage the services of a professional who has, at the very least, achieved their certification through reputable, face to face training - after all, you wouldn't trust a doctor or lawyer who has only learned their trade online, would you?


Secondly, consider what particular area of your life you would like to deal with. As NLP can be used to deal with such a wide range of issues you will find that some specialise in specific areas, for example, education, phobias, eating disorders etc. By specifying what area of your life you would like your Professional to address, you are more likely to find the person most able to help you.


Thirdly, establish how far you are willing to travel. Setting these simple guidelines early on will help you to go through the elimination process far more efficiently and effectively.


Asking for testimonials often proves to be a really useful tool in the decision making process. Testimonials from previous clients can give you a more objective view of the services and outcomes that the practitioner offers.


As an independent NLP organisation without affiliation to any specific training company, ANLP can offer impartial advice across the field of NLP.  


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