What are the Benefits of Joining ANLP in Greece?

ANLP is a supportive organisation for NLP Professionals that want to take their skills to the next level.

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What are the Benefits of Joining ANLP in Greece?

Being an ANLP member in Greece opens the door for professional expansion. ANLP is a supportive organisation for NLP Professionals that want to take their skills to the next level.

As professionals, rapport is in our DNA, so to speak. Which means that building trust, a safe and non-judgmental environment with our clients, transparency and equity are some of the highest values we hold. So, being a member of ANLP in Greece enhances credibility, authenticity and holding professionals accountable for practicing NLP in a responsible, ethical, and congruent way, according to ANLP Code of Ethics.

That is truly exceptional and the golden nugget for NLP Professionals, since NLP is not a regulated profession in Greece and, therefore, it can be challenging sometimes to choose an NLP professional or Trainer either for personal or professional development, who meets the criteria.

How can an NLP Professional level-up by joining ANLP in Greece?

There are numerous benefits for NLP Professionals to join ANLP in Greece, with the most important to be a member of a renowned accreditation board.

ANLP is a Community Interest Company (CIC), it is dedicated to promote NLP, the NLP Community and ANLP members by providing them with an independent Professional Body which enables them to raise the standards of their practice and professionalism (ANLP Website).

Furthermore, is a uniquely for NLP-based entrepreneurs. ANLP does not run their own NLP programs and is an independent body. It supports professionals to grow their knowledge and skillset by conducting the NLP International Conference each year, introducing both the top and new names from the world of NLP to give the NLP community new perspectives and raise the profile of our profession.

Credibility, is another nickname of NLP Professionals. When you become a member, a new world begins when you are provided with tools and resources for demonstrating your credibility and professionalism so that potential clients are reassured that they are hiring an accredited professional (ANLP Member Benefits).

Additionally, being a member of ANLP in Greece will also give you:

  • The joy of joining a like-minded community.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with NLP Professionals both in your area of expertise and/ or explore other specialties.
  • More resources on NLP research around the globe, submit your articles and case studies in using NLP in the Greek population.
  • Insights on how to use NLP in more professional areas of interest.
  • Be part of an exclusive ANLP Members group on Facebook to connect with other NLP members from around the world – this allows you to connect and collaborate with other ANLP members.
  • Join the exclusive quarterly Q&A Sessions with ANLP to find out more about ANLP in Greece.
Nikolas Fragkias
Nikolas Fragkias (member article)

Behavioral Analyst, Psychotherapist Master Trainer(Track) INLPTA