L Michael Hall

Michael Hall

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. learned NLP in the mid-1980s and took his original training with Richard Bandler, afterwards writing several books for him and about him.  His discovery of the Meta-States Model (1994) led to co-founding Neuro-Semantics (1996) as a community taking NLP to a higher professional level.  Dr. Hall began modeling excellence in 1991 and has now completed 17 modeling projects from Resilience (1994), Wealth Creation (1996), Women in Leadership (1997), Coaching (2001), Self-Actualization (2003), etc.

The Self-Actualization research led to several books (Unleashed, Self-Actualization Psychology, and Unleashing Leadership) and the discovery of Maslow and Rogers in the history of NLP.  Michael earned his first Masters Degree in biblical language and literature, a second Masters in Clinical Counseling, then a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology.  He has written 45 books in the field of NLP and over 50 books in total.

As a visionary and collaborative leader, Michael has collaborated with many people; in 2011 with Shelle Rose Charvet to create Innovations in NLP, with Frank Pucelik for the NLP Leadership Summit.



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