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Alexia Mary Tzortzaki, PhD.

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Practice/Training LocationsCrete, Athens, Larisa, Larissa, Salonica, Thessaloniki, Greece, Kerala, Coimbatore, Ettimadai, Amritapuri, India, Brighton, Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Britain, California, US, Koln, Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Germany, Easter Island, Bali

Ioanna Pantalaki, 25th Sep 2019

I am a mature student of 52 studying for a B.Sc. degree. What has always kept me back was my exam anxiety. Thanks to Alexia’s sessions, my phobia of exams and of speaking in a classroom full of people has now gone. What a big relief that is and how wonderful to see my exam results improve. I am at last rewarded for all the hard work I put in when I study. I am very grateful to Alexia and the fun and ingenious way she found to help me out. I would highly recommend her to anyone with phobias!!

Ioanna Pantalaki, Supervisor of Bakery Store and B.Sc. mature student, Crete.

agapi Liapaki , 12th Sep 2019

I was very impressed by Alexia’s workshop ‘Stress Free Parents’ and so were my clients (mothers of the toddlers) and my teachers, who attended it.

The key features mentioned in the evaluation comments were that it was highly interactive and fun. Personally, I was very interested in the NLP elements built into the workshop, such as how to engage with other people with rapport and the exercises showing the way beliefs and values influence how we each see reality. Her supporting workbook with the title: ‘Stress Free Parents’ was a useful reminder of the sessions.

Since then, I have been lending the book to the new families. I have found that the book helped them acknowledge their feelings and their stress factors throughout their child's adjustment to school.

Thank you Alexia!! Come again please!!

Agapi Liapaki, Founder and Managing Director of ‘Play and Learn’, Alternative Preschool, Heraklion, Crete.

Ioulia Mandalou, 7th Sep 2019

Our skype sessions with Alexia were as if she was in the room with me! And her connection and empathy helped me to swiftly tune in to my unconscious mind, in a state of calmness. Her steady voice made me to feel protected and clearly guided. The lessons I learned by travelling back on my past memories have changed in a practical way how I prioritize my day. I now, understand how important it is to take care of my needs before I am overwhelmed by my life’s challenges. My hay-fever allergy has gone too! As if by magic!

Ioulia Mandalou, Athens, Greece – Judicial executive, Ministry of Justice.

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