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Andrew Cox

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Phone Number01761 347124
Practice/Training LocationsBristol, Bath, Midsomer Norton, Wells Somerset, UK United Kingdom, The World, Anywhere via Skype, England, Wales, Scotland.

I have worked with Animals all my life and I love their honesty (Congruity) and unconditional Love

Animals, except for the ones that have been messed up by humans (and even they can be helped) Know who they are, are comfortable in their skin, Know their Mission in life and live in the NOW. And I work with clients so they can discover these skills that they already had they just needed to be shown the tools. “It’s not the Tool Box Its The Tools In The Box”

For Health & Wellbeing

Are you looking for a fresh perspective on life or situations?
Are you looking to take your career to the next level?
Are you looking to better communicate with Staff, Friends or colleagues?
Are you feeling unsure about taking the next step?
Do you feel you need to get on top of Stress or Anxiety?
Do you work professionally or do competition with animals and need to build confidence?
Have you warn a mask for so long that you have forgotten who is behind the mask?
Are you at a time in your life when you are looking to make changes?
Can you not find the question you are looking for above?

If the answer to any of the questions above is Yes then contact me now to make an appointment or for a initial free 20 minute chat. Take action now, find your path, (I did) the choice is yours

NLP Is about being comfortable with yourself me I’m not comfortable in a suit so I don’t have one.

My main work is at the Identity Level (some call it Spiritual Level) helping clients discover their world and their mission in life. How they make it and if required how they can change it. Because if it’s working for you then do more but if not, and you always do the same, you will always Achieve the same Results so change IT.

If this rings a Bell or Looks familiar and it Feels Right then contact me and let’s see what we can discover together.

I hold most of my Session via Telephone or Skype anywhere in the world. Distance and time hold no relevance as you will discover

Looking forward to showing you the keys to the toolbox


p.s. Yes NLP Does Work With Animals

Contact Details:
t. +44 (0) 1761 347124
m. +44 (0) 7968 947902


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